Presentation of the Maestro Business Center


Delivered in April 2006, Maestro Business Center has become a reference point on the office-space market in Cluj-Napoca offering for the first time Class A standards and facilities.

Our "Roots for success" slogan captures the essence of the business center, namely that of a space where one can grow, being at the same time a declaration of professionalism, dynamism and cooperation.

The building is a vertical unfoldment on the ground floor + 9 floors with offices and an underground level where the parking garage of the building is located. The average area per level is 993 sq m for the lower floors, decreasing to 750 sq m – 500 sq m on the upper floors, and the unfolded area exceeds 10,000 sq m.

The building includes an ensemble consisting of three units organised around the interior yard: a main unit with a number of storeys of S+P+9 (Basement+Ground Floor+9), situated toward the 21 Decembrie Boulevard, a unit with a S+P+4 structure (Basement+Ground Floor+4) facing south, and the two are attached by a third unit with a S+P+6 structure (Basement+Ground Floor+6). The interior space has been designed as an "OPEN SPACE" system with great flexibility for subsequent decorations and partition according to the clients' requests.

The most spectacular element of the construction is the curtain wall made in the Shuco F50 + system on the main entrance façade facing the 21 Decembrie Boulevard, with its mantle aspect which alternates blue and green glass panels, with a lower or higher degree of opacity, conferring a lively and organic structure sensation. Beside the curtain wall, the chromatic harmony on the side wings on the exterior of the building is also achieved by the Proderma outer skin built in the ventilated façade system in shades of brown, natural stone paving, metallic aluminium sun-blinds with splinter-proof glass.

Central location

Situated in the central area of the city of Cluj-Napoca with access to 2 of the most important road arteries, namely 21 Decembrie Boulevard and Calea Dorobantilor, the location of the building has (some) advantages:

  • the proximity to the city center where the representative institutions of the local and regional administration are situated, such as the National Agency for Tax Administration, the Prefecture, as well as in the area of the Law Court of Cluj;
  • easy access to the public means of transportation, four different bus stops with various bus lines which can be reached in approximately two minutes;
  • easy access to the Cluj-Napoca Airport and to the exit to other localities.


The building has been designed as a "multifunctional business center", a character imprinted by the multiple functions developed in the business area and the commercial area:

  • at the basement, an individual garage, technical areas, and a civil protection shelter;
  • the ground floor allows the public access into block P+9E (Ground Floor+9 Floors), which faces 21 Decembrie 1989 Boulevard, to a bank agency, to a distribution hallway toward the offices situated on the superior floors, to the restaurant and to the English Bar;
  • the superior levels are designed for office-related functions;
  • on the uppermost floor level of the building (i.e., the 9th), the Conference Room with the capacity of up to 70 persons welcomes its Partners with adequate technical and logistic equipment consisting of video projection devices and sound systems: video projector, video projector screen, microphones, flip chart, etc.